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Heart Sound Recorder (Digitized stethoscope)

The Heart Sound Recorder is a computer based low risk, general wellness stress monitor is used to acquire, display, record and save heart sounds of our most important muscle. The Heart Stress Monitor displays the low frequency components of the heart cycle. This can be used to compare current and previous heart cycle waveforms, before and after analysis or for trending purposes during care.

The heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through it each day. This system must work constantly! However, this design has a built in rest time. In fact 2/3 of the entire cardiac cycle the heart is completely still. The heart is also one of the quickest organ to respond to stresses and nutrition. Fundamental nutrients helps to maintain normal rate, rhythm, and tone of the cardic cycle in effort to minimize undue cardiac stress.



  • Certain types of heart stress can be monitored by visualizing the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart cycle.
  • As a result, the heart’s reaction to certain stressors, i.e. chemical, nutritional and emotional, can be observed using this type of device.
  • The response to informed suggestions can be monitored by observing changes of the frequency, ratio, amplitude and characteristics of the heart’s waveform.
  • Comparison graphs can help determine the effectiveness of actions taken to improve the quality of life.

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