Standard Process

Located in Palmyra, Wisconsin, Standard Process has worked to create a line of whole food supplements to improve the quality of life. Their supplements help to establish a healthy foundation that work in conjunction with chiropractic care. A complete list of products and more information can be viewed at

Purification Program

Detoxification is a natural part of our internal clean-up system to make sure our organs and systems are functioning optimally. Unfortunately, our bodies are exposed to environmental toxins, processed foods, additives, and other chemicals that prevent our bodies from maintaining a healthy balance.

Standard Process created the Purification Program, a 21-day cleanse designed to nourish and stimulate the different organ systems to remove waste out of our body using a nutrient dense whole food diet in addition to whole food supplements. This program specifically stimulates the liver, kidneys, and intestines to flush toxins out of the body. In completing the Purification Program, patients have experienced weight loss, higher energy, improved clarity and improved sleeping patterns.

For a detailed explanation of the Standard Process Purification Program, please visit Standard Process website.