Whole Food Nutrition will feed the body where deficiency exists until the point where it comes more into balance and maintains.

Herbal Therapy builds on thousands of years of tried and tested healing protocols using only regulated high quality ingredients.

There is a focus on You and Your health goals.

We have a proven track record of 30 years combined care in handling cases through natural medicine, sometimes working as part of a team with other doctors.

There is constant innovation to include the best, most clinically effective techniques to get people well through natural means. *The Heart Sound Recorder (digitized stethoscope)

There is patient accountability: improving your health involves teamwork and homework to reach your goals.

There are support systems and ongoing educatuonal workshops to help you through your health journey.

Treatments we use:

Chiropractic adjustments, both traditional and non-force, leading to a reduction of inflammation and physical pain, while increasing and retraining neurological communication between your body and brain.

Whole food nutrition and diet, leading to your designed clinical nutritional program which will create nutritional sufficiency where deficiency existed by giving your body the right fuel to heal.

Specific Exercise therapy, leading to your custom home exercise programs,waking up inhibited muscles that will stabilize your structure, and thus allow you to, once more, move forward in your life